What is brand development?


Brand development is self-definition. Taking cues and guides from your lived experiences and aspirations to describe and claim who you are — and who you're not. It's about honest reflection and empowerment. Once you're grounded on who you are, you can approach both opportunities and challenges with confidence. 


The brand strategy breakdown.

Purpose. What is your ultimate motivation? What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Offering. What are you contributing? Why would people seek you out?

Territory. Defining your lane, your sacred space among competitors. 

Elements. The specifics that set you apart.

Values. Your moral code that guides all decision-making.

Style. Your distinct approach.


What does a brand strategy look like?

Each of the above items is defined clearly and succinctly. Depending on what works for you, the output can be a one page document delivered digitally or printed, or a multi-page document with representative images, quotes, or other inspiration.  


How is the brand strategy developed?

Interview sessions are opportunities for you to talk through your thoughts and feelings on each item mentioned in the breakdown. Depending on whether the exercise is for a personal or professional brand, competitive and market research may also be included in the process. Depending on your specific goals, the process can take three to six weeks. 


Now that you have a brand strategy, how do you use it?

Self evaluation.

You've looked in the mirror, evaluated what you see, and defined your potential. Use the strategy as a way to keep yourself honest and accountable.


Approach decisions with confidence based on the hard-work of charting your course. Use the strategy as a filter for the opportunities that will propel you forward.

Improvement & Iteration

Understanding your territory gives you clarity to make changes that help you further lean into your distinctions. Use the strategy as a way of clarifying your value to your audience. 


How much of your brand strategy should you share publicly?

To each their own. I'd recommend sharing your brand strategy in the way you might share a personal journal entry — with those whom you trust and are committed to helping you achieve your goals. 


How often should you update your brand strategy?

Review often, update sparingly. While it is unlikely that your purpose or values will change, market and culture shifts may necessitate changes to your offering or style. An annual deep dive is a good cadence to evaluate large changes.